Mix and matching bridesmaid dresses!
Assorted yet complimentary mixes of colors for bridesmaid dresses has become increasingly popular! There are many reasons that this is such a great change to the normal traditional matching dresses.

One reason is that not everybody looks good in one color, or a certain shade. By giving shade or color options all of your maids can feel their best when wearing color pallets that are flattering to their skin tones. I can only imagine how many poor bridesmaid had to put up with colors that have looked amazing on the other five maids and were absolutely dreadful on them. I am sure we all have been in one ourselves! AH THE MEMORIES…

As a modern bride and having been on the other side, you have the power to make all of your loyal maids shine in the colors/shades of the dresses that you pick for them. If your wedding color is blue, you can choose many shades of blue that can be complimentary to your theme and look amazing on each of the individuals. If you are daring you can throw your maid of honor in a different shade altogether like pink. Not only they will love it, your pictures will come out looking amazing, instead of one monotone color there will be wonderful shades all around you making you pop even more in your gorgeous white gown! It is all about you after all, but you still come out a hero!

There are so many colors when done right that will look amazing together. If green is your main color, throw in some fuchsia, it will look so fabulous and really pop in your wedding pictures. If one of your main wedding colors is purple, mix and match you maids with a beautiful shade of yellow. All this will enhance the look of your wedding party as well as let your bride’s maids individualities shine through.

One more fun mix and match idea you can do is also with the flower colors in your bridesmaid bouquets. Example if your colors are pink and blue, make the girls wearing the blue dresses carry Pink Daisies and make the ones wearing pink carry Blue Roses. Just have fun but be sure to choose complimentary colors. You can check out complimentary color charts in most fashion books and learn more about mix and matching colors.

Have fun and be the best bride of the century, at least to your beloved maids!

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