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My Calendar :
The Wedding Colony wants to help you organize your wedding planning schedule with "My Calendar"! This feature enables you to set your schedule and remind yourself of tasks and appointments as they arise throughout the coming weeks and months!

My Wedding Page :
This page is your "Virtual Wedding Planning Office”. From this page you are able to Post New Projects, View Your Activity, Search Current Projects, Search for Providers, Edit Your Profile, Edit Your Account and Upload Your Favorite Picture to personalize your page! You can even check Your Messages! You may find that many of the "clickable" functions are repetitive on "My Wedding page" and your left navigation bar, we have designed the site this way to make planning your wedding with The Wedding Colony as easy as possible! On this page, we'll describe all the functions we've created for you to make the most of your membership with The Wedding Colony! At any point from the following pages, should you want to return to the previous page, simply click the "BACK" button at the bottom of the page, and you will return to your previous page.*By the way, you can change your favorite picture as often as you like by simply clicking on the picture to remove and upload a new one!

Search Current Projects :
From this page, you can search The Wedding Colony database for posted projects both in your immediate area and throughout the Country! You can even view ALL of the projects posted on The Wedding Colony! Once you click on the "SEARCH" button you will see all of the projects that are posted. This is a great way to see the fabulous activity happening on The Wedding Colony!

Post A Project :
From this page, you can post any project you need completed for your wedding. Simply answer the questions in each category, upload your inspiration picture(s) if you have any, click "Continue" and proceed to Post Your Project! Now just relax and wait for the bids to come in!

View My Activity :
Click on “View My Activity” to view the status of projects you have placed! You can monitor the progress of your posted project to see any new bids, how much time is left in your "auction" and whether or not a Provider has confirmed your bid acceptance. You can also click on each of the names of your projects to see each posting as the providers see it.

Search Providers :
This page allows you to view the Profiles and Portfolios of The Wedding Colony Providers! The Profile of a Colony Provider will provide some information about the history and integrity of a particular company. The Portfolio of a Colony Provider will display the pictures that that Provider has chosen to demonstrate the quality of their work. From this page you can invite your favorite Providers to bid on your projects simply by clicking on “Invite”!

Rate My Providers :
This page allows you to review your Providers! The Wedding Colony believes that quality of work and reputation are of the utmost importance and we expect that our providers share that belief! All Providers have an opportunity to respond to each review, to either highlight a job well done or clarify any miscommunication. We ask that you review each provider honestly and fairly as we will be monitoring the work our Providers do for our clients.

Create My Profile :
The Wedding Colony Brides each have a "Profile" that Describes to our Providers what kind of services they are looking for. You are able to create your profile at two different times, one was at registration and one is once you have registered from “My Wedding Page”. You can simply click on “Create My profile” and you can begin creating your profile.

Edit My Profile :
The Wedding Colony Brides each have a "Profile" that describes to our Providers what kind of services they are looking for. By clicking on "Edit My Profile", a Bride can make changes to her profile to update and enhance her Colony identity as her wedding taste becomes more defined.

Modify My Account :
When Clients register with The Wedding Colony, they must enter accurate, up to date information to participate on the site. Should Information such as contact name, address, phone number ever change, Colony clients should click on "Modify Account" and bring that information Up to date.

Change My Password :
If at any time a client feels that the password has been compromised, that client can simply log in and click on "Change My Password” from “My Wedding Page” to establish a new password for the account.

My Messages :
The Wedding Colony has created an intra-site message system to allow clients and Providers to communicate with each other to ensure that everyone is clear on the details of a posted project or potential bid. To check your messages, simply click on “My Messages" and you can read and respond to any communications sent your way!

Refer A Friend :
Be the most popular Bride on the block! Refer up to six friends to The Wedding Colony and help to make stressful wedding planning a thing of the past

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